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emmi is a place surrounded by tales of history and yet completely adapted to contemporary way of living. it is reserved for people of good taste, who can appreciate fine ambience and light, central location and views to die for.

much attention has been put into details, which were designed to make the space as functional as possible and yet retain its clean and simple lines.

it is smaller in size /32m²/, but the openness and brightness of the space makes it feel anything but cramped.
there is one double bed and in case of a third person, a pull-out sofa that is extremely easy to use and comfortable as well.

the building is very easy to find. it was built in the 1800’s, but has recently undergone a complete renovation. emmi is located on the first floor /no elevator/.
the building also takes pride in being the residence of a famous slovenian painter, ivana kobilica, in the 19th century.