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prešeren’s square /prešernov trg/ is not the city’s biggest square but it is considered to be the main one.
the square developed from a road junction.

it was named after slovenia’s greatest poet, france prešeren. his statue was designed by the architect maks fabiani and the sculptor ivan zajc in 1905.

the poet's statue is symbolically faced by the statue of julija primic, his great love and muse, mounted on the facade of a building across the square, in wolf’s street.

the square is surrounded by important and architecturaly impressive buildings; several bourgeois palaces can be found amongst them: frisch house and seunig house at the lower end of the čop street, followed by urbanc, hauptman and mayer palace.

but the leading role went to the lady in pink, the franciscan church of the annunciation, which gives the square a touch of colour.